Joshua Teoh

An avid photographer since the compact camera era, Joshua realised his passion for capturing perfect moment photos are something that brings joy and colours to life. Photography became part of him where he kept his memories fresh through photojournalism. His work has been well-received and respected within his professional community, and the photos speak for themselves. Joshua is also trained and experienced in the graphic arts, commercial printing, and digital media. As an I.T personnel with strong interest in gadgets, Joshua enjoys picking up new skills, and constantly upgrades himself to show the best results in his photos.

Joshua has a profound interest in nature and travelling. He has been involved in wedding photography since 2007. His clients appreciate his unique style and ability to capture the decisive moment, expression, and emotion of his subject, even when under tremendous pressure. He does not tolerate bad qualities photos. Whether capturing the special moments of daily life or covering a publishing assignment for his client, Joshua’s experience and personalized attention combine to meet and usually exceed the client’s expectations. Hence his clients always come back for more.

On a personal level, Joshua is active in serving God with his musical instruments and he is the official photographer for many major events at church. He also shares his gift with the non-profit organization such as Beautiful Gate Foundation. He was also one of the speakers in the recent MMU photography workshop.